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Dewdrop Web Care
for WordPress

Plans and Pricing

Our prices are as transparent as our process, so you can feel empowered to make the best choice for your business


Plans & Features


Best for sites that need to stay up-to-date, but are not integral to business operations.
$ 35
  • Monthly Plugin and Core Updates
  • Daily Off-Site Backups


Best for sites that support the visibility of the brand, but don’t serve a critical business need.
$ 125
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Best for sites that are critical to the functioning of small- to medium-sized businesses.
$ 250
  • Includes Essential plus:
  • Monthly Search Engine Site Health Overview
  • Plus 1 Add-on Service of your choice for one site, see Add-on Services pricing for additional sites
  • Member-level access to BugHerd, our preferred change management system
  • Add additional sites at this level for $50 per site


Best for larger businesses with one or more brand-focused or mission-critical sites.
$ 600
  • Includes Professional plus:
  • Access to Priority+ Support
  • Includes 4 Add-on Services for one site, see Add-on Services pricing for additional sites
  • Five sites included, add additional sites at this level for $50 per site

Dewdrop Web Care

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Weekly Plug-in and Core Updates

Daily, Secure Off-Site Backups

Daily Security Scan

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Weekly Performance Optimization

24/7/365 Uptime Monitoring

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Monthly, Detailed Site Report

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Priority & Priority+ Support

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Over 30,000 websites get hacked everyday. Hackers commonly break into websites through known software vulnerabilities found in outdated plugins, themes and the WordPress core software. 

We protect your website by keeping your WordPress software regularly updated.

Your WordPress website. More specifically the WordPress software and everything that you added, created or modified via the WordPress admin area — all of its plugins, themes, settings, content in the Media Library and all of the other content you added through your WordPress admin area.

If you have content on your website that was not added through the WordPress admin area, such as if you or your developer uploaded images via FTP to the server and then referenced those images on your site, then those would not be included. Our backup service does not backup your server, only your WordPress website.

We save each backup for 90 days. This is much better than you will find in most other backup services which save backups for 30 days; and essential because if your website is hacked, it is often more than 30 days between when a hacker breaks into your website and you realize it.

We update your WordPress core software and all plugins and themes that appear in your admin dashboard under their respective admin page.

Some premium plugins and themes require periodic payment to continue access to updates for that premium service.  If we are unable to update a plugin or theme because it requires a payment by you, then we will email notify you of this and place the plugin or theme on “Do Not Update” status until we are notified by you that payment has occurred.

After we perform updates to your website, we perform quality assurance tests which includes using automated tools and/or manual checking to make sure there are no adverse impacts. If there is any indication that the site was negatively impacted in some way, we revert the site to the latest backup and contact you to decide how to proceed.

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