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About Us

Dewdrop Media provides web development and other digital media services according to our client’s unique needs. From comprehensive websites to micro-sites to mobile apps and more, we work tirelessly to give our clients a personal experience and unparalleled results.

Our People

Some of us have been working with digital media since the early ’90s, successfully delivering results in an ever-evolving field. With time, we have developed a dynamic, creative network, enabling us to scale our capabilities, as-needed, by tapping into our experience, talents and relationships to get the work done.

Timothy O'Connor Fraser

Web/App/Mobile Developer / Consultant / Ring Leader

Tim has been working with companies for over 15 years to solve their web development needs. Some of his most prominent work is for the US government, but he enjoys building from-scratch websites of all shapes and sizes. Tim has a broad range of skills in programming and media production. He continues to maintain many of the sites he builds and is available for service requests virtually anytime. Tim earned a BS in Information Systems from Santa Clara University and has been building complex, interactive, data-driven media experiences ever since. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn.

Jamie Holderman

Web Developer / Project Management Queen / Director of Client Services

Jamie has been designing and building websites for over 10 years. She takes special care to recommend services that are best suited to the long term needs of her clients. She prefers to use WordPress, and is capable of utilizing other CMS options. Her attention-to-detail, communication, and interpersonal skills ensure individualized consultation and reliable administration. Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn.

Regan Eymann

Project Manager / Content Management / Web Developer

Regan has been building and maintaining websites for over 5 years. She has experience building sites in Joomla, WordPress, Concrete5 and Amend, as well as maintaining sites where no CMS exists. She often helps in moving content into a site, adding any necessary style, links and media, and is available for site updates when a project moves into the post-launch phase. She is very responsive, and has skills working with HTML and CSS, as well as Adobe Creative Suite Tools. 

Melinda Miller

Content Services / Business Manager

Melinda loves to keep things organized and on track, so that’s what she does for projects and our office. She taps into her years of event planning and small team management to help succesfully deliver projects on-time and on-budget. She’s also an awesome chef, so when she’s not working on projects, she’s testing new recipes or leading classes in healthy, internationally-inspired home cooking. A woman of many talents; and yet she’s so very humble.


Ryan Matsudaira

UX Designer / Web Developer

Ryan has worked for over a decade learning how to make the web an approachable, functional and enjoyable experience for everyone. From creating wireframes to user personas and designing and developing complex user-facing interfaces, he’s been able to share his knowledge and expertise with many companies ranging from small businesses and non-profits to multi-billion dollar, global media companies. With Ryan’s solid foundation in defining the user experience and years of front-end development and design in his tool chest, he’s eager to discuss how we can work together to create a fresh and exciting experience that will truly thrill your users and keep them coming back to you again and again. 



Because we offer many different services to match unique client needs, we always start with your vision. Our team works from that singular intention, bringing concepts to fruition. We design projects from scratch, develop and implement content strategy, manage projects and teams through various phases, write code, and, if necessary, we call upon our partners for additional expertise.

Our Partners

There is a wonderful exchange taking place between us and our partners. We are a collection of small businesses that work together to expand each other’s capabilities. In some cases, we’ve worked together for decades.

Video Production, 2D & 3D Animation

It's not just what you do,
it's also how you do it.

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